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Getting online is easy. Succeeding online is a different story. You’ll need more than just a beautiful website to stand out these days. You need to get in front of your hottest prospects ---- those needing (searching) for your product or service!



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More Than Just A SEO Company

When I started Digital+ in July of 2011, I wanted to help local businesses grow. My philosophy is that America’s economy will only be strong when the mom & pop businesses are healthy. Local SEO was in it’s infancy and I saw it as a great way for a local small business owner to successfully grow their sales and profits. 10+ years later many of our customers are getting a third of their business from locals that find them on Google and getting ROI’s of well over 200%.

But over those 10+ years not only has SEO changed but optimizing your business online has changed drastically. Now ranking in the maps section of Google SERP (search engine results page), mobile friendly design, and online reputation are all becoming an integral part of bringing your hottest prospects to your business.

Over the past 10+ years we have evolved  our services and methods to deliver even better results for our customers. Our goal is get your business found, known, liked and trusted at a fee that results in an ROI north of 200%! To learn more about our other services please visit


Below are the testimonial from one of our very early customers. They are now in their 9th year with Digital+

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Alex from Digital+ worked on our Local SEO then a year and a half later built a new website for our Tax Preparation business. He made it possible for us to appear on the front page of Google. We have increased our Cape business each of the last two years. This year, the growth was the most so far — a 12% increase in Cape income for this most recent tax season — easily making for a great ROI! You cannot go wrong using Alex & Digital+ as your business will increase at the Speed of Light!

Larry Silverman

Owner at Affordable Tax Service

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Guarantee of Results

2 of our 3 plans offer a guarantee of ranking improvement from the start of our campaign

Under we Target

The section directly below the map (up to 3 or 4 businesses listed) gets 50%+ of all actio


Ask & we will be glad to send you a list. Most have been with Digital+ for a number of year


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Best, Cost Effective Lead Generation / Maps Optimization /

Local SEO Company

Located in beautiful Rhode Island, I started Digital+ in July of 2011 to provide SEO / local lead generation for small businesses, such as contractors, attorneys, home service companies, etc.

I look for value in most everything I buy, so I wanted to deliver high value SEO / local lead generation services. To do so Digital+ must get your business in the top 3 of the Maps section of a Google search result.


The result for the small business owner is more phone calls, more website form fill outs, more prospects, more sales and an ROI  of 200%+!

We help grow the sales and profits of many small businesses from coast to coast.

Are you ready to invest in growing your business by getting your hottest prospects (those searching for your services) to find you and contact you? If so, call us today or fill out the form above.


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This ranking report was run on the 6th anniversary of their tree service SEO program. Over 1700 times they are on the 1st page Google! No wonder they are still with Digital+, LLC 6 years later! Want to grow your tree service company? Our tree service SEO program will deliver great results for you.


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This ranking report was run in the 10th month of their electrical contractor SEO services. Note the 520 #1 rankings on Google and the fact that they are in the top 10 over 1400 times! No wonder our electrician SEO services are their 2nd best source of new customers.


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This ranking report is for an IT company on the South Shore of Massachusetts. He says that our IT lead generation services is the #1 source of new prospects and business! Contact us today to get started on your IT company lead generation success.


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