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Dental SEO

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Dental SEO is the most cost effective marketing method for any dentist or dental practice. No matter where the dental office is located in America, there are HUNDREDS of searches for dental services on Google every single month.

All marketing efforts should be targeting your hottest prospects.For dentists, who is their hottest prospect? The person looking for dental services! Properly executed dental search engine optimization will get you in front of those hot prospects 24/7/365.

The amazing thing about our Dental SEO program is it’s effectiveness and cost. All it takes is 2 maybe 3 new customers — for the whole year — to cover the expense. Anything else is pure profit!. Our program is so effective because we optimize both aspects of SEO — on-page (within your website) and off-page (outside of your website). An SEO company that doesn’t perform thorough on-page search engine optimization in your existing website is NOT worth hiring. You are wasting your money.

Also please be careful of dental website design services. They make a beautiful website, but the internal SEO is not anywhere near optimized if it exists at all! Many of them will NOT allow a professional like me to go into a site they designed to perform the on-page SEO. If I or any other SEO professional can’t perform on-page SEO optimization get a new website built — preferably by Digital+, LLC!

Take a look at the dental SEO results we have achieved within 10 months for a NJ dental practice. Now imagine having similar results for your dental practice and what that would mean for your practice, sales, income and future. We are here to accomplish juist that for your practice. Contact us today for a free analysis of your dental SEO effectiveness.

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