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Wellness Center Local SEO

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Our client has a number of alternative, holistic & wellness practices within its center. As you can see in our Wellness Center Local SEO campaign report below our Wellness Center client is coming up on the first page of Google for holistic, alternative, wellness, reflexology, acupuncture, skin care, chiropractic, etc. related search phrases. Also note how many times one of their youtube videos come up on the first page!

The Wellness Center Local SEO success we have is a combination of on site and off site SEO tactics. We also created additional pages for some of the specific practices that the center offers it’s patients. This is a requirement if you want your business found for a specific service that you provide. In other words to have your website found for what you do, you need a page for each area of service you want to promote for your wellness center. Without those pages it will be hard to be on the 1st page of the search engines.

Digital+ can add additional pages to your existing website. If your website is a few years old and not a CMS based website platform — wordpress is the most popular and preferred type — then having a new more current website created maybe the 1st best move for your wellness center. We can definitely help with that too. The websites that we design have SEO integrated into the design (on site SEO). As a matter of fact we have a few website designers that enlist Digital+ to get their clients’ websites on the first page of the search engines.

So if you want your wellness center to come up on that ever elusive first page, contact us today. Our Wellness Center Local SEO program will give your practice a similar level of success.

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