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Law Firm SEO

While there are different marketing methods available in acquiring new clients for your law practice, nothing comes close to the power of a Law Firm SEO campaign. Not only is law a very competitive industry, but it also can involve struggles, stresses and pitfalls of trying to grow your practice in the age of the Internet. SEO can help increase your client flow.

Let’s face it, every law firm needs new clients in order to survive and grow. Yours is no different. When people search for lawyers in your area, SEO puts you in the position to gain those potential clients that need to hire you, and helps your firm’s website rank higher in search engine results for the targeted keyword phrase they are typing in.

While having a website for your firm is necessary, it just isn’t enough. Attorney SEO is a proven technique in making your website more visible to prospects, and helps rank it higher for a better chance in scoring more clients. While most people today use a search engine when looking for legal advice, most people also tend to choose a business that is on page one.

You can resort to the old school ways of doing things by relying on business cards and word of mouth. But in today’s modern world, a web presence will play a crucial role in helping your firm grow. By making a Law Firm SEO campaign a priority, your firm can stand out from the competition and attract prospects who want to do business with you.

With a reasonable budget and a passion to succeed, you’ll be on your way in reaching the first page of the search engines. Ranking your law firm website higher isn’t an overnight process. But with the right marketing techniques like better backlinks, great informative content, and reputation management, clients will choose you when it comes time to make the important decision of which local lawyer to hire.

If you’re still wondering if SEO is an important marketing process for modern day lawyers, just take a look below at some of our work. After looking over this report, you’ll better understand why this lawyer was eager to write a great testimonial. Digital+, LLC can provide you the best cost effective marketing plan to suit your needs. Contact us today to start growing your firm and income!

"I had a website for about 18 months before I met Alex. I was disappointed in the traffic that was being generated to my website. I would see weekly numbers showing how many visitors and it was troubling. I heard how a website was the way to increase your business but I wasn’t seeing it.


I met with Alex and he explained everything he would do, the directories he would get me on, a video for You-tube, my law firm facebook page and a host of other things. It turned out the best thing I could have done for my website. Now my phone is ringing every week with people who find me on the internet.


Having a website is one thing but if no one is finding your website, what good does it do. A website has to be seen in order to make money. My now is seen and this is the busiest I have ever been in 27 years of a law practice.


Jim Dillon"

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