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Restoration Contractor SEO

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A restoration contractor SEO campaign strategy for page one placement on the major search engines for water, fire, mold, and other damage restoration keywords is the perfect choice for a restoration contractor. Though there a ton of different ways to go about marketing your website, SEO could potentially be the most important part of your company’s success and deliver the highest ROI.

There is no question as to whether your target audience is searching for your restoration services online. The question is whether they’ll find you first, or find your competitors. With most online users never even going past the first page of search results, ranking high for a large number of related keywords is critical for getting organic search traffic to your website.

Restoration companies usually have a lack of repeat customers, which is why it’s important for your website to reach as many people as possible. If heavy rainfall or a natural disaster has swept through your area, your company will be in high demand as people realize the extent of damage left behind. When someone goes looking for help after a disaster has happened, they’ll easily find your site.

Restoration is not only a competitive industry, but it’s also seasonal and subject to lower search demand than other home service categories. With a properly implemented restoration contractor SEO campaign, a few restoration jobs can provide a significant return on investment. The right combination of marketing techniques like pay-per click, local SEO, and social media, help you stand a better chance of scoring more clients.

Unfortunately, most homeowners will face some kind of restoration damage at some point in their lives. The better the SEO inside of your  website is (on-page SEO), the more likely it is to show up on the first page of search engine results when they’re looking for help. As you can see from the report below, this restoration company appears for multiple keywords in less than a year from working with us.

Most people call a restoration company in an emergency, and are most likely going to call one of the first Google listings they see. If you’re found online during this very difficult time in their lives, you’ll be the one they call. Let Digital+, LLC help you put together a successful marketing strategy. Contact us today to get started on growing your business!

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