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Report result before we started working with the retail store.

This store had changed names 3 times during it’s history. The last change occurred about a year and a half before we started working with them. As a result of these changes, there was all kinds of semi-correct info on the store all over the internet and Google figured the store to be completely and utterly irrelevant for search results.

Correcting this misinformation is Digital+’s specialty! Our local search optimization services always includes searching to to see if misinformation is out there before we create a citation. We feel most of our competitors, especially those that outsource the citation creation work to foreign workers, don’t bother to search first. They just create the citation and leave the bad information in place.

It took about 5 months to clean up all the misinformation that was all over the internet. The report below was run on 3.12.15. As you can see he is on the 1st page for 396 different search phrases. Where you see an N/A in the page column (all are otherwise 1) that is where he has an image file that appears in that 4 image strip that sometimes comes up in a search result. It happens 14 times. You will also notice times where his website doesn’t show up in the organic results but it does in the Maps rankings. FYI, Maps is the old Google Places.

So if you have a retail store or a kitchen remodeling / cabinet store and would like to come up on the 1st page of Google then our Local retail SEO program is the answer. Contact us today!

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