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This moving company SEO program is a huge improvement over his previous two SEO attempts. His first attempt was through one of the big names in marketing that transferred to the digital world to stay alive and relevant. That was a complete waste of his money according to him.

Then he went online and searched for a moving company SEO program and found a company out of California. He hired them to get him on the first page of Google. A few months later he started appearing on the first page. Then about three months later he checked again and he couldn’t find himself! He called them and they said they would look into it. About a week later he checked again and he was back on the 1st page again. But then when he checked a couple of months later he wasn’t there again! Again he called, again they said we’ll look into it and again he showed on the first page. When he checked back a couple of months later and he was no longer on the first page, he fired them.

After two failed attempts and a lot of money flushed down the drain he searched BNI, Business Network International, for a Local SEO company. That is how he found Digital+ (because we both are members of BNI). He hired us middle of January 2015 and below you can see how they are doing a year later.

If you want to grow your moving company, local SEO is probably the wisest marketing investment you could make. Call us to discuss our Local Moving Company SEO program

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