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Window Treatment Store Local SEO

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This is the window treatment store local SEO results for a Hunter Douglas Store located in Mashpee MA. This report was run about 14 months into the campaign. As you can see he is showing up on the 1st page of Google in the surrounding towns for a variety of Hunter Douglas related  terms & window treatment store local SEO terms. Please note that this store is showing up numerous times on the 1st page! According to statistics, if your link appears twice on the first page there is a 50% increase in clicks to your site. If it is there 3 times, 80% increase in clicks to your website.

Also have you seen how many times a youtube url appears? That’s because of the video marketing that we include in our Local SEO campaign for our clients. In this case we also took Hunter Douglas videos and made them local search friendly. So if you own a retail window treatment store or any store for that matter and would like to pop up on that ever elusive 1st page of Google for many different terms then contact us today. Please understand that this doesn’t happen overnight. It generally takes 6 months or so for the Local SEO campaign to really kick in.

Now below the 1st report (scroll down a quarter of the way down the page) is a 2nd one run in April 2015, just before his 2nd anniversary. No wonder he renewed our window treatment store local SEO services for a 3rd year!

This report has the search phrases in alphabetical order. This way you can see how often this Hunter Douglas Store comes up  on the 1st page for a search phrase. You see in a few this store comes up 4 times on a page. You know what that does? It effectively SHOVES the competition to page 2! Also notice HOW MANY MORE search phrases the Hunter Douglas Franchise appears on the 1st page of Google for. It comes up a total of 1875 times!

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